Come to the Dark Side . . . we have cookies

The gym shooting incident worries me ( about the future of blogs.  For the record I haven’t read the blogs on this one but if what the news reports is even halfway true how long is it until someone in congress decides that in the interest of public safety all blogs must be read.  Continue reading “Come to the Dark Side . . . we have cookies”

Doctor Heal Thyself . . .

I’ve often heard this quote and wondered how a doctor who’s missing an arm could apply a cast to a broken leg. But I suppose that’s not really the point of the quote now is it. Ever since I was in kindergarten (what a strange word) and the teacher published one of my “poems” in a k-6 book for the city I have wanted to be a writer. And the more I think about that I’m not sure that it’s true. I think the correct term would be story teller because I find it hard to put things to paper but telling a story seems simplier. So in an effort to put more things on paper I’m going to force myself to start blogging even though I was blogging before it was cool. You just have to know where to look to find the blogs. We shall see what happens with this grand experiment.